Chris G.

Hello Sam and Consuelo, I wanted to personally say “thank you” for me and the 2 buddies
(William and Turk) I brought on your romance tour. We all had a great time, it was a wonderful
experience. We can all see that you are truly caring and giving people and that’s so hard to find

Ross Alexander

Que onda Sam y Consuelo?
He tenido la intención de enviar mi testimonio durante varias semanas, pero no lo he hecho porque lo he reescrito 3 veces.
No me ha gustado cómo suena mi testimonio, podría escribir una disertación de 5 páginas sobre toda la diversión que tuve
mientras estuve en Colombia, pero las palabras simplemente no le hacen justicia … así que lo limitaré a unas pocas palabras y pensamientos.

Carl y Yudy Strasser

Hi Sam, I have been reading many of your testimonial letters, and it got me thinking.
I know that I am a very lucky man because I met my beautiful wife Yudy on an I Love Latins Tour (June).
But the letters made me think of how I felt before I went on your tour.

Tim W. And Liliana J.

I know you’ve been anticipating some good news from my recent return trip to Colombia. As you know, the February 2013 tour produced many women who could easily make any man drool with desire and women here in the states envious. Well, I connected with ‘the one’.

Chiva: A Disco on Wheels…

The Chiva is the iconic symbol of transport in Colombia, it is not only used to take groups of tourists around the city but also to transport suitcases, bags, sacks and even animals. The Chiva is a similar to a jeep and is the ideal vehicle to transport of passengers and goods through the mountains of Colombia.