Carl y Yudy Strasser

Another Happy Testimonial J

Hi Sam, I have been reading many of your testimonial letters, and it got me thinking. 
I know that I am a very lucky man because I met my beautiful wife Yudy on an I Love Latins Tour (June). 
But the letters made me think of how I felt before I went on your tour.

I felt like most men who are thinking of trying this service, I was worried about going to Colombia,
I was worried about if this service would work or not, and of course I was worried about the cost of all of this. 

But I also thought to myself, I was a 45 year old average looking divorced man. 
I was having No luck meeting any women here in the United States,
most American women would not give me the time of day. 
I was trying all of the on-line dating services, i.e., EHarmony, Yahoo personals. 
I was lucky if I even got a response to any of my e-mails,
I don’t remember ever meeting any women from the on-line dating services. 
I was at the point that I believed that I was destined to be alone for the rest of my life. 
So, I started looking into finding a foreign wife, and since I speak some Spanish I decided
that I wanted to meet or at least talk to some Latin women. 
I started searching the dating services for Latin and Spanish women, and I found a few different agencies. 
I would look at the web pages everyday, I also joined a few of these services,
I started e-mailing some of the beautiful Latin women,
it was pretty fun having some beautiful Latin women as pen pals.
Eventually, from looking at all of the Latin American dating services,
your service I Love began to stand out to me. 
I remember thinking to myself this service seems to be more honest than the other services.

So, finally I decided that I needed to try one of these tours. 
I thought what is the worst that could happen to me, 
I spend a few days in Colombia and then I come back home. 
The worst case would be that at least I had an adventure. 
All of my friends thought that I was crazy,
they said “Why would you go to a place
that all Americans were in danger
and try to meet a woman who would only use you for your money and a green card?” 
I remember telling them, “What’s the difference, I could get killed at any time here as well,
and I already know for a Fact that American women just use me too. 
So, what is the difference if I go to Colombia and meet some very beautiful women?”
At least I will have an adventure to talk about and not just be writing e-mails 
on my computer to some pictures of women.

And Sam you know the rest. 
I went on ONE tour, met the woman of my dreams, and am now happily married. 
I have been to Barranquilla, Colombia 5 times in the last 2 years. 
My beautiful wife and live in Charlotte North Carolina, and we hope to one day retire to Colombia.

And not only did I meet the love of my life,
I made a few life long friends, Sam and Consuelo Smith and Gary Bala. 
If I could talk to any of the men that are thinking about going on one of your tours,
I would tell them JUST DO IT
The worst that can happen is that you have a fantastic weekend vacation
that you will remember for the rest of your life. 
Colombian women treat us like kings.
 The best that could happen is that you meet the love of your life.

Well, Sam Thank You so much for helping me, you changed my life. 
One day we will probably be neighbors when we are both retired and living in Barranquilla.

 Your Friends, Carl and Yudy Strasser… QUE DIOS BENDIGA

PS. Sam, you are welcome to have any of the men call me,
if they are still wondering if this is real. .

Hi Sam, I have been reading many of your testimonial letters, and it got me thinking. I know that I am a very lucky man because I met my beautiful wife Yudy on an I Love Latins Tour (June). But the letters made me think of how I felt before I went on your tour.
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