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Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service

Welcome to dating web site

Security and protection are better than sorry. Therefore wants you to find love and the partner that will make you happy the rest of your life with save control. That’s why your information is so important for this Web Application and us as organization to find the best math for you. cares too much about all of the aspect of your life; what you love from the person you would like to meet, what’s your favorite food, places you like to go to hang out with friends or dates, etc.
The person you are looking for could be around the corner or at the other side of the world. One or the other, would love you to allow us to get you two together.
In this lines we will Explains: how we care about your privacy, how we manage your information, what we do with your information for you to have a better experience during your stay inside the web site and why is so important to have clear that cares about your privacy and protection.
We will show you the terzms and condition we want you to check before to continue with your registration in
You will know how much your private life in is protected and save.
Keep in mind. This document you are reading is a contract of subscription you most accept if you want to be part of our community.
This contract cannot be partially accepted or declined. By accepting the conditions of this contract, you are actually accepting all of the conditions, polices, rules, terms and everything written in this document.


1.    Pre-Qualification.
2.    Rules for Cummunity and laws.
3.    Polices and terms of use.
4.    Shopping and store.
5.    Security information and privacy.
6.    Last important Update

The Information in this document from the beginning till the end is considered as a contract for you to have access to our website in any of the available plans we have: Permanent Free (For Women), Free, Basic or Premium (for Mans).

Pre-Qualification tittle can be confused for some. Then, we would love to tell you that most of the people in the world, no matter where you are. You can have an account with iLoveLatins and enjoy our products and services. You can also upgrade, down grade and book tours anywhere in the world. So next, we show you what you need to have an account with us:
1.    Under age teenagers are not permitted to be part of this community not even with parents’ approval. Grown people over 18-year-old only.
2.    There’s no limit or maximum age for you to be part of our community.
3.    All races are welcome to be part of ilovelatins’ including all religions.
4.    All nationalities are welcome to ilovelatins’ community and products.
5.    This Product is forward to straight sex orientation. Never the less. LGBTI community is welcome to create accounts in our community and enjoy 100% of it according to the plan your account is in. Pretty soon we will have more tools and inclusion of this community in ours. We didn’t forget about you.
6.    No payment is need it to create a new account with. However, is still possible that we ask you for your credit card information when creating one for no charges or fee.


1.    No bots are allowed to have profiles in our website or acquire any product.
2.    Hate, Bullying or hacks will be penalty and users can let us know about it by reporting other users.
3.    Stalking is impossible to handle since iLoveLatins mission is to show to everybody what you are and what you are looking for. Even so. We give the option to user to block any possible unwaning person checking on your activity and profile.
4.    Everybody will be able to decide who to have conversation with and iLoveLatins will never demand nobody to chat with someone else.
5.    Only Accounts with real picture of the owner of the account will be checked with the CUAI (CONFIRMED USER ACCOUNT ICON).
6.    CUAI (CONFIRMED USER ACCOUNT ICON) is the icon we use to mark those account which users are 100% confirm as the owner of the account and proved that the person in the picture profile and the person who owns an account information like: Phone Number, Address, identity and email is also the same person using the account.
7.    Its mandatory to verify your Email to have access to


Is very important to know that iLoveLatins is open to market and generate businesses, we work as a dating site and as a tour agency. We have several products we would love you to check on and Account profile plans and tours will be available for you to book and get. Credit cards, cash and virtual transactions will be open for you to pay those services and products. The website promotes features, services and products you can get from iLoveLatins and from Marketplace which means; buy from other users though iLoveLatins. Please check the Privacy terms and POLITICS AND TERMS OF USE so you understand a little more how it works.
iLoveLatins is committed to help you to get any product, services or features you may get not through out our website but from us. We will give you the option to buy from amazon, Marketplace, upgrades from your accounts and more. But only iLoveLatins products will have our buck up for you to be guaranteed or refund.
iLoveLatins will promote Plans for you to upgrade your account and that is how you continue to use the service and it most be paid by credit or debit card. We also give the option to pay through Paypal, PayU Latam, Bank Checks and cash deposits. You most know your product will be activated once we receive the payment, just then we will enable the features for you. Plans have no refund possible to be given, however we can always help you if your request is deferent like these examples: you choose the wrong plan, you paid using the wrong card or you didn’t choose to the right date when paying for a Tour.


This Pre-Qualifications information is for you to know that we care about the laws in COLOMBIA, US and EUROPE and if you are in somewhere out of these laws’ protection and terms. You will have to follow them as way build them until we create one to the specific place where you are or belong.
According to HABEAS DATA. We are allowed to make public your information as long as you allow us to do so iLoveLatins. However. There is some basic information that is mandatory to show so others can have interaction with the features of the website, example: iLoveLatins Search engine, Groups, Games, Chats, public chats, public post content in Activity tab and users’ profiles.

iLoveLatins will never be responsible for what happen during conversations between users, file sharing, video phone calls, interactions with other user, information you share with other people inside the platform.
Public information will be use for external applications that work inside and outside the website so you have a better experience when browsing the internet. This is call Cookies and we use them to improve our services and features.
When making payments remember always to check the product you really wanted since refunds of money are not possible. iLoveLatins will make sure you are buying the right articles and services before you pay so you don’t run a mistake to regret.


1.    Phone Numbers will be verified and Emails will be confirmed to validate the existence and authentication of the information you use in your account.
2.    No external and unauthorized software will be tolerated like bots, cracks, or anything else similar to a hack. Not even simulation and HTML modifiers
and browsers developers’ tools.
3.    CUAI (CONFIRMED USER ACCOUNT ICON) is the icon we use to mark those account which users are 100% confirm as the owner of the account and
proved that the person in the picture profile and the person who owns an account information like: Phone Number, Address, identity and email is
also the same person using the account.
4.    We Recommend to get more involve with people with the CUAI than with people who don’t.
5.    iLoveLatins will recognize you by your name, last name, phone number and Email. So, we will deal with you through to human interaction to make
sure there is not fraud or Scam with your information. This way we know you are not a bot and you are conscious of all of the terms and condition
and we know are who you are saying you are.
6.    To get the CUAI you most request it by texting us at: requesting an account verification and information verification. You
most attach in this Email the next documentation”
Real Identification: Passport, SSN, Driver License or Visa photo where we can check your picture is there and verify the ID number is real.
Address: We will need a bill from your house se we can confirm the address where you live is physically real. Phone Bill, Gas, Energy or Water bill will
be   ok for us to make sure your address is real.
Email: This should be verified when creating the account.
Phone Number: we will ask you to send a text message to a phone number and make a phone call to you to confirm you are the owner of the phone.
7.    iLoveLatins will share your information used to create the account to improve cookies, applications inside the website and services.
8.    iLoveLatins does never read users private chats or conversations.
9.    iLoveLatins might ask you for permission to access to your microphone, camera or other devices and storage to accomplish the mission of calls,
media sharing and video phone calls.


If you got here, we consider you have read the full document and you are about to be ready to sign-up with since you need to accept the PRIVACY POLICY contract along this one for you to be all set-up.
These terms and conditions contract are part of the process for you to create an account in our website or acquire our products.
Please keep on mid. iLoveLatins will cancel this contract at any time, any moment and any day even if you are under a plan and upgrade with us. It won’t matter how long time is left of your plan. If iLoveLatins decides to cancel your account and delete your information. We will do so without advises or your permission.
These terms and conditions also change al the time and you most accept them to continue using the service even if you are under a plan for a year. If you don’t update your terms and conditions when we ask you about it. We will block your account or delete it if we decide so.

Thanks so much for singing up with us and acquiring our services.