New Romance Tour Single Vacation First Time

$1,350.00 $995.00

New Romance Tour Single Vacation, Pick-up this option if this is your first Time in a tour with us

Arrival Day: Guys get to the AirPort and All iLoveLatins team will be waiting there for you with all the participants girls. We will all welcome you to our beautiful Barranquilla and take you to your hotel and your translation guide incharge will tell you more about the next 4 days of your vacation.

The second day of the tour will be a similar routine. Open new girls including the previous candidates and the girls you have wished to see from the previous day. We will have papayera, Colombian and Caribbean music. food and others will be representative to the coast and we will be surrounded by joy, charisma and the pureness of Latin love.

The Third day: This time we have a new dinamic. you will have more time per table and the girls you have like the days before will be there. we will have a artist (Musician) doing live music for you to enjoy this amazing time with you. the envyroment will be more romantic and all eyes on you.

The fourth day: After three days having a great time with the girls. We will go to a Pool Party near the PRADOMAR beach. There we will dance, we will try the best seafood in Colombia and we will also know the Salgar castle.



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